Taming Afflictions & Rocking Affections


Frozen emotions of the afflicted...


Tryst Kelly's parents made him want for nothing growing up, except their love. It turned him into an emotionally closed off man. But it's not just their lack of care that's made him this way. He did something in his past. Something unforgivable. Nothing can banish the hallucinations that plague him. Not his band. Not his new found friends. 


When the dead start to rise, can Tryst protect himself, and the woman he loves, from the truth?


A burning desire for love...


Bebe Wiseler parties her way through life. From one bed to the next she's completely content with being alone. Until an old crush awakens a need in her she didn't know she had. She's prepared to put her heart on the line to obtain her shot at happiness.


When a past lover resurfaces, his sole intent on revenge, will Bebe break through Tryst's frozen exterior in time?


Bebe is the only one who can make him feel.


Tryst is the only man who truly cares.


The past isn't done with either of them...and it's about annihilate everything.


Coming June 2015


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